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 Anonymous Verified Customer
Wonderful service, convenient and affordable, thank you very much. And done early!

 DAVID P Verified Customer
I stopped by David's Automotive repair yesterday with my 1968 Chevy truck overheating. I was very grateful to David and the guys there that they could fit me right in, they diagnosed the problem and set me back out on the road good as new!. I am newer to the area and very thankful to have found an awesome repair shop! David and the guys are very professional, friendly and knowledgeable, I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

 SCOTT F Verified Customer
Always taken care of. Polite and accommodating.

 KEN T Verified Customer

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Great service, finished early. Friendly staff.

 CLARISSA M Verified Customer
Awesome service. Was able to take me right away. I am always happy when I leave. Thank you

 BRYANT E Verified Customer
Did a great job taking care of the issues I needed addressed Got me right in and out. Thanks

 JIM & ANN M Verified Customer
We are happy with the job done and the customer service. I will be recommending David's to friends and family! This is our second time bringing a vehicle here and plan to bring the next issue to them also :)

 SCOTT F Verified Customer
Always provide quality work and service.

 RUSS & CASSIE H Verified Customer
Above and beyond service. They found a nail in my tire that I didn't know I had.

 MARGE P Verified Customer
I had such a hard time trusting any auto repair business but I am convinced you are trustworthy and honest. You do good work and I have already recommended you to several of my friends. Thank you

 ALYSSA W Verified Customer
These guys are the best. I went in to get a part fixed so I could take my car on a long trip, and we quickly realized that my car actually needed much more work and definitely wasn't safe to take that far as it was, so they went out of their way to get me into a rental car so I could still go on my trip while they fixed up my car, and they worked with my budget the whole time. They honestly couldn't have been better.

 LINDA M Verified Customer
Professional. Great communication. LOCAL!

 DAVE R Verified Customer
Simple oil change with filter. In the door at scheduled time and out within a half hour. Friendly staff. Price seemed a little high but my vehicle does use synthetic oil which cost more.

 JILL C Verified Customer
Clean facility, friendly staff, superior service. I wouldn't go anywhere else for auto maintenance.

 LARRY & SUSAN B Verified Customer
My wife and I were extremely pleased with David's Automotive. He was able to look at the car the very next day and was prompt on calling us with the estimate. He also was able to schedule the repair for the next day and have it ready by closing time. With my wife being a teacher and this was her go to work car. she was happy to be able to drive her own car to work on the very first day of work.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
The customer service was great but I feel like the labor charges were a bit excessive. The friendly, helpful, and motivated staff were able to get my car in and out very quick.

 SARA B Verified Customer
David's Automotive was fast, professional and so welcoming! Thank you for making this easy and affordable. Best rates in town and I am confident I got the best services for my car. I WILL be back.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
My wifes car was repaired quickly and as promised. I received a call when they had determined the problem and again when the car was ready (which was also as advertised). They are fair and I believe them to be honest. Overall repair costs are quite a bit lower than the dealer though oil changes are a bit more expensive than the quick lube places.I trust them with our cars and will use them again in the future.They also accomodated me with a discount coupon which I appreciated as my wife and I are on a fixed income. Thanks

 SCOTT F Verified Customer
I always get treated well and the quality service is consistently great.

 ANGELA B Verified Customer
Great service and people.

 CAROL P Verified Customer
The team at Davids Automotive is the best!! Had me up and driving my car again in less than 12 hours.. Thank you guys!!

 MICHELLE C Verified Customer
I appreciate receiving quality service I can trust. David I hope you will come back to LeTip! Automotive Service is a category that as a group we are targeting for recruitment. I hope you will consider filling that category again.

 CHELSEA & RYAN M Verified Customer
Thank you again for your quick and reliable work on our vehicle!

 STEVE G Verified Customer
Very professional. A+

 SCOTT F Verified Customer
The care and attention to detail along with the consistent quality service will continue to bring me back . I will continue to recommend when people ask where they can find quality care with people they can trust.

 MITCH & SHANNON S Verified Customer
David is cool, and it looks like the repair is working. I've gotta drive the truck more to know, but he was up front about everything. Highly recommend him to anyone that wants to know.

 DAVE R Verified Customer
Very friendly and accommodating to our schedule needs. Communication was great and work performed as requested. Competitive pricing and a business that gives back to it's community by supporting local schools.

 JASON & DANIELLE M Verified Customer
Great service!!

 KEVIN AND SHELLIE M Verified Customer
Just want you to keep us in the loop. We dropped off the car on Tues and with the 4th on Thurs, we hoped to have the car on Wed or Fri, but never heard from you. Then on Monday we were told it would be ready Tues and do to a parts problem, it was not ready until Wed (would of appreciated an update call on Tues). As usual the workmanship is stellar. Just need to keep communication up with the customer

 BRANDEE F Verified Customer
Dropped my car off and they had my car ready and fixed in a day and half. They did a wonderful job. Not only does my family go here i would recommend to friends as well. Good job guys. Thank you so much.

 SCOTT F Verified Customer
Quality, Service, Courtesy

 JOEL & LAURA W Verified Customer
great job, thank you.

 BRUCE & RANDY K Verified Customer
FAST reliable service. Haven't trusted a mechanic in years! This one is terriffic

 KEN T Verified Customer
Outstanding, professional, friendly, etc.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Dave's Automotive was fast, friendly, very knowledgeable and especially affordable. I will always refer my friends to them. LH:}

 RANDY H Verified Customer
Consistently taking care of their customers!!!

 SCOTT F Verified Customer
Great friendly service.

 PATT H Verified Customer
I gave them a list of things happening with my car... they had it for 2 days. They couldn't get the things to do what they do for me .. They documented everything and told me to come back if it happens . They were very professional and helpful .. My rig has gremlins or maybe artiseans or ...

 MATT & CAROL K Verified Customer
Dave got me right in for a minor problem and then ordered a part and scheduled me to complete the job within a couple of days. I am confident that the car is well taken care of when I leave. Thanks, Dave and team.

 CHELSEA & RYAN M Verified Customer
We really appreciated all of the extra effort you put into our Jeep! Thank you!

 KEN T Verified Customer
Very good, friendly and reasonably priced service. Thanks. Ken Tipps

 PAUL H Verified Customer
Good! Thanks David for working with me. I'll schedule an appointment for the front brakes soon. Prayers for your daughter. Hope she fully recovers.

 RANDY H Verified Customer
Greatest people there are!!!

 RANDY H Verified Customer
Couldn't ask for a shop that treats you better and listens. Bravo!

 MARTHA J Verified Customer
very clean building..impressive. i appreciated the care and concern and got my vehicle fixed just like that..will go back for sure!!

 CHELSEA & RYAN M Verified Customer
We were very happy with the quality of service we received! Thank you!

 LARRY L Verified Customer
David and his crew did a fantastic job on my mustang. it is a project car that is going to require more work that i can do myself so i have been looking for people i can trust for clutch,suspension,tires,drivetrain work and more. I will be back real soon and would recomend them highly. THANKS GUYS!!!! larry c .lewis

 STEPHEN D Verified Customer
The service and repair were performed as promised and on time.They took care of my concerns I was very pleased and will use Davids shop again.

 PAUL H Verified Customer
The quality of work has been superb. However, I question their costs. This is the third time I had to pay substantially more than the costs quoted to me. David has been flexible on working with me on billing costs, but others in the office have not. After three questionable repair cost issues I will seek another auto repair shop.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
Wouldn't go anywhere else!

 JEFF S Verified Customer
Although I liked the speed-of-service at David's Automotive, I did not appreciate the condescending attitude of the technician nor the high price of a front brake job. My brakes still squeak and I will not go back nor recommend this shop to anyone. Unbeknownst to this arrogant technician I have more ase-certified experience than he has years on this planet. It's too bad youth is wasted upon the young!

 SCOTT F Verified Customer
My father-in-law had refered me and I"m grateful that he did. I was very pleased with the friendliness, proffesionalism, and quickness. I'm glad we found David's.

 SHIRLEY H Verified Customer
At Dave's Auto they treat your car as though it was their own car. My previous car that was took care of by Dave's Auto had over 250,000 miles on it and still running great. However, I decided to trade it in for another car. I'm sure this car will get 250,000+ as long as Dave's Auto is around and cares for it.

 ALISON C Verified Customer
Fast and friendly service.

 WANDA B Verified Customer
Quick diagnosis, timely repair & we are back on the road. Great service & knowledgeable mechanics. Recommend highly to my friends. Thank you Davids Automotive

 DENNIS AND HEATHER V Verified Customer
Everyone is always very nice. I never feel like anything is hidden from us. Very upfront and honest.

 JOE T Verified Customer
I consider the amount of our last visit to be a little high considering the final result; would have appreciated knowing the possibility that our computer/pcm could be the problem and that your resources/computer is unable to deal with our particular make/model (dodge)

 STACEY A Verified Customer
Fast and friendly like always!

 WAYNE & TINA G Verified Customer
Did a great job. Got our vehicle in quickly. When check engine light came back on, quickly to care of the problem.

 TINA S Verified Customer
The service was wonderful, I will definitely go back again!

 CHRISTOPHER & SANNA E Verified Customer
Great service, done in a timely and professional manner. I'll be back...

 MIKE J Verified Customer
Quick, friendly service. Replaced waterpump on my Chev in a matter of hours. Thanks!

 JEREMY G Verified Customer

 STACEY A Verified Customer
Great service!

 BILL & JULIE S Verified Customer
Outstanding service and knowlegde having to do with the type of tires that would be best for my car.

 LAURA M Verified Customer
Thank you for such fast service.

 MITCH & SHANNON S Verified Customer
You are ALWAYS polite, professional, and easy to deal with. You went out of your way to accomodate us despite the fact that we missed our scheduled appointment. Entirely our fault too. Thanks again.

 AARON & DENISE W Verified Customer
David has always been honest and helpful and accommodates our needs. Would always recommend David's Automotive!

 KEITH & JENNIFER W Verified Customer
Keith and I were very pleased with the service, the car runs great! Thanks so much

 DAVID & SUZANNE F Verified Customer
My 2000 CRV needed help. My window lift motor was dead and Dave and his crew did an excelent job. Done on time and works great. Thanks David Fisher

 MATT F Verified Customer
Excellent service as always! David's takes care of all vehicles I own and always will. Very fast service and as reasonable rates as could be. Thanks again!

 JAMES & NANCY H Verified Customer
just nice people. Love the dog!

 GEORGE C Verified Customer
I needed a new starter for my car. David's gave me same day service, and my car is running great again.

 PAUL M Verified Customer
David's Automotive has consistently provided accurate assessment of any needs our two vehicles have developed. The most timely and affordable service has given us true peace of mind regarding the dependability of our cars. The work completed much quicker than we could have hoped for this week was most encouraging. We can recommend anyone without the slightest reservation, to trust their vehicle repair or even routine maintenance to David's Automotive. Thank You - The Metkos

 Phil Sappington Davids automotive is one of the few honest repair shops around! Quality work, honest estimates and on time repair work. Cannot go wrong when you choose Davids!

 Anonymous Verified Customer

 BRUCE & RANDY K Verified Customer
Terrific service and delivery!!! Appreciate your little dog too!

 STEPHEN D Verified Customer
I brought my wifes car in for repair of an electrical problem. I had already been to Les Scwab who tested the battery and plugged a diagnostic tool to confirm the problem was with the alternator. David was professional and helped me very quickly. He connected the vehicle to a snap-on diagnostic machine which tested the battery , starter and the alternator. My service was performed as expected and to the original estmimate. My only complaint was that the price was over $400.00 - the diagnostic which Les Scwab performed for free cost $50.00! Alliance repair in st helens had quoted me an estimate of $287.00 but they were so busy they couldn't perform the repair until Monday of next week. This is my wifes commuter car so that,unfortunately could not work for us. I have a major service coming up on the car (which involves replacing the timing belt) and may be forced to go the dealership- Ron Tonkin Acura for this. One other item of note they did help me by pulling the radio to get the serial number because the anti-theft function had disabled the radio. However they did not re-seat the radio as it is now sitting partially out (protruding) from the stereo enclosure.

 MITCH & SHANNON S Verified Customer
Honest, polite, and professional. They are awesome!

 HELEN W Verified Customer
You can trust this shop to be the MOST HONEST, capable and timely service in this entire area.

 Anonymous Verified Customer
I had an unexpected major issue with my vehicle and David was able to get me in quickly. I feel confident with the service I received and will definitely return if the need arises.

 DAVE D Verified Customer
great job, as only you can do (David) thanks for being such a good place to bring our vehicles

 PHILIP B Verified Customer
David's Automotive was prompt, professional and went the extra mile in resolving the problems with my truck. They have been and will continue to be my auto service of choice. Phillip

 CLARISSA M Verified Customer
Well so far so good. David did a great job and showed and explained everything being done on my truck. Thank you. Clarissa Marsh

 Anonymous Verified Customer
We are from out of town and our tow car broke down. David's was recommended by a local. David's received our car in late in the afternoon and had it fixed and ready to go by noon the next day. We were able to continue our trip as scheduled and get to our next planned destination. We greatly appreciated their quick service!

 GREG & KAREN S Verified Customer
The staff at David's is friendly and professional. They take the time to thoroughly discuss your car's issues with you and even give pros/cons as to whether the repair is imminently needed! I do not feel like I am getting swindled or manipulated ( as I have in the past, with other mechanics), and I think the prices are reasonable/ fair. I have several high- mileage cars and I am glad that David and his crew are nearby!

 DAVID & SUZANNE F Verified Customer
I dropped in for an oil chanfe and was out the door in less than 20 minutes

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